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1/2 price HOT POWER YOGA    
  •   HOT POWER BASICS: This yoga class will lay the foundation for a regular Hot Power Yoga class. Practiced in a hot room, Hot Power Basics is a challenging class that is ideal for those just starting out and who are looking for a more active and athletic approach to yoga. This is NOT Hot Yoga, but Power Yoga in a heated room. A variety of dynamic postures will be introduced to help stretch, strengthen and tone your body. You will learn to connect to your breath. Your stamina and stability will be developed through the introduction of sun salutations, balances, abdominal work, backbends, forward bends, hip openers, arm strengtheners and much, much more – try it you’ll love it! (Temp: 90-95F)  For beginners looking for a more vigorous approach to yoga.
  • HOT POWER YOGA: A vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice. Practiced in a hot room this fun and challenging class will have you moving, sweating and breathing like you never have before. This is NOT Hot Yoga, but Power Yoga in a heated room. The classes are always a little different with a creative, eclectic mix of traditional and innovative yoga postures that are designed to build your strength, stability and stamina and to increase flexibility in tight overused muscles. Prepare to discover muscles you didn’t know you had. We strongly suggest that you have an understanding of Hot Power Yoga by starting with Hot Power Basics. (Temp: 90-95F) For students with power/ashtanga yoga experience. 
  • POWER YOGA: Same as above but practiced in a regular temperature room.
  • HATHA BASICS: A gentler approach as compared to the Power classes. A more traditional style that focuses on proper alignment, breath connection and focus with mindfulness. The basic yoga postures are combined with regulated breath and performed in a systematic and accessible manner. This class will help reduce stress, increase energy, stretch and strengthen the muscles and encourage you to breathe more freely and fully. For those new to yoga. 
  • HATHA YOGA: This class is for students who are looking for a more intermediate class with a wider variety of poses and strength building opportunities. Still based on the more traditional approach, this class will give you a more challenging experience than the Hatha Basics. Previous yoga experience is recommended. For students with some yoga experience.
  • HATHA FLOW:  Links traditional Hatha postures into a sequence of movements that flow naturally from one to the next.  This eclectic class will explore variations of sun salutations, standing and seated poses along with body balancing.  Modifications will be provided for postures to enhance flexibility, alignment, and strength and make this class accessible for all.  Connecting the breath with the movement of the body during the “flow” of yoga and deepening into the “stretch” allows energy to flow and provides relaxation for the busy mind.
  • GOODNIGHT YOGA: (HATHA YOGA - all Levels) Brings balance at the end of your day – this is THE stress reduction class. A meditative flow to calm mind and body. Your goodnight starts with Moon and Sun Salutations, restorative yoga, then breath-work, meditation and full relaxation.(Warm room; Temp: 80-83F) Beginners are welcome.  
  • YIN YOGA: Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that is used to balance more vigorous practices by focusing solely on the stretching aspects of yoga creating a deep stretching experience. Great for athletes and yogis alike looking to increase range of motion. The Yin style targets the muscles and connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders. Generally done in a variety of seated/floor postures that are held for a duration of 3 to 5 minutes. Some yoga experience is suggested. 
  • GENTLE 50+ YOGA: Yoga for the Young at Heart is specially designed for the older and wiser. This Hatha class will increase your strength, flexibility and balance, leading to greater health and vitality. All levels/ages are welcome.
  • PRENATAL YOGA: Wednesdays 6:15pm – Designed with Mom in mind! Take time for yourself during this most important time in life! This class is for women in all stages of pregnancy (the earlier you start the better) . Yoga postures which are particularly beneficial for a more relaxed pregnancy and birth, are taught. No previous yoga experience is required for this class, all expectant mothers are welcome.  Start anytime – No preregistration required.
  • HALF-PRICE ($8) POWER YOGA: Fridays 5:30pm,  See POWER YOGA above.  We offer this class to the community to ensure that yoga is economically accessible.  Friday night yoga is a great way to sweat out the stresses of the week and get ready for your weekend. Previous yoga experience is suggested. 
  • DHARMA YOGA: Saturdays 11:00am A style of yoga founded on 50+ years of experience, developed by one of today’s most reknown and highly respected yoga gurus. The focal point of this class is Sri Dharma Mittra’s infamous Shiva Namaskar flow, comprising a defined sequence of postures that graduates to different variations as the students evolve in their practice. The common thread is an invigorating vinyasa flow that works on all internal systems and areas of the body. Breathing techniques, concentration and meditation elements are also explored in each class to round out the practice, making for a thoroughly satisfying and holistic experience. Some previous yoga experience is recommended. 
  • MEDITATION: (Friday 7pm ) Learn and explore mediation or deepen your meditation experience! Meditation is possibly the most important thing you can do to improve the quality of your life. It results in an overall feeling of well-being and peace of mind. A 45-minute class.  Beginners welcome. PRE-REGISTRATION is required for meditation sessions.

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