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Fall Schedule

  • We’ve added 6 new classes and 3 extra classes to the Fall Schedule! 

                        ♥ Restorative Yin with Julie on Monday night  at 7:30 pm
                         Iron Yoga with Tracey on Thursday  at 1:45 pm                        
                        ♥ Hatha with Barbara on Friday at 9:15 am
                        ♥ Teen Yoga with Julie on Friday at 5:30 pm
                        ♥ Meditation with Olga on Friday at 7:00 pm (certain dates only)

                        ♥ Yin with Julie on Saturday at 11:00 am          
                        ♥ Monthly Dharma Sadhana with Justine on Saturday at 1:00 pm   
                        ♥ Monthly Kundalini with Olga on Saturday at 1:00 pm    

                        ♥ Pre-Natal with Katherine on Sunday at 12:00 pm

  • Check out our new schedule which starts Tuesday September 2nd. 

Enjoy an educational journey exploring the Chakras!

Chakra balancing


Chakra Balancing #2


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Why a Mountain Goat?   Founded in 2003, MountainGoat Yoga Centre  in Nepean  (in Canada’s National Capital area) has 13 certified instructors to serve you in over 34 weekly classes. Our area of specialty is Power Yoga (also known as Vinyasa Yoga). Other types offered include Hatha, Yin and Pre-Natal.

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